What is IFEX?

IFEX Kunming, formerly known as IFEX Japan, is a large-scale and important industry trade show in Asia for business promotion purposes. Based on the Japanese horticultural market, which offers huge business opportunities, the show features a wide range of flowers, plants, and horticultural and outdoor products. Over the years, IFEX has gradually become the largest professional industry exhibition in Japan by virtue of its stable development in the Asian market and the comprehensiveness of its exhibition contents.

IFEX Kunming, based on the largest fresh-cut flower production and distribution area in China, is a high-level trade event covering the entire flower industry chain and leading the development of the flower industry in Asia. IFEX Kunming will attract more than 20,000 distributors, wholesalers, florists, planters, and e-commerce buyers, creating a precise opportunity to match supply and demand. At the same time, there will be a wealth of activities and professional forums to share the hot industry topics and lead the trend of new and excellent varieties of flowers, creating an excellent opportunity for you to communicate with planting bases, industry buyers, technical experts, and floral masters face-to-face.


Exhibition Venue: China-Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibition Time: 2024.9.20-22


Live Events

International High-End Forum on Plant Protection of New Dutch Varieties

Protection of new plant varieties is increasingly considered of great importance by governments around the world, and China's flower industry is facing problems such as the relatively small number of new flower varieties developed and retained, gaps in breeding technology systems, and the protection of new varieties and rights protection to be strengthened, etc. This forum will invite leaders and experts from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the State Forestry and Grassland Administration to explain in detail the newly revised Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of New Plant Varieties. Experts from the Netherlands, Ecuador, Colombia, Kenya, Japan, Thailand, Israel, and other countries will be invited to share their national new plant variety protection measures, intellectual property policies and rights, and protection cases; exchange future policy trends on new plant variety protection; promote the development of domestic new varieties; and research and attract more foreign breeding enterprises to export new varieties.


Netherlands guest of honor new variety release show

The Netherlands, as the world's top flower ranking country, will have a large number of new varieties to market next year, and Yunnan is the largest fresh-cut flower production base in China. The two sides carry out the new variety recommendation activity, which has far-reaching significance for the upgrade of flower industry varieties and industrial structure adjustment in Yunnan Province. The activity is going to take the form of a static display of new varieties, displaying new varieties in the Dutch exhibition area and inviting exhibitors and visiting merchants to give their own small stickers to each variety in the form of stickers, and finally, the variety that gets the most pairs of stickers wins and promulgates the most popular product award.


Cocktail Party with Dutch Guest of Honor


Netherlands Guest of Honor Seminar on Facility Equipment Agriculture

This year's Dutch guest of honor facility and equipment agriculture seminar specially invites international enterprises to make presentations and hold online and offline combined business matching and exchange meetings between planting bases and importers in the countries of origin of flowers by inviting head growers, planting bases, and other related enterprises for cooperation. It is the first-choice window for domestic and international flower traders, equipment dealers, and growers to dock.


Opening Ceremony


Florist Performance

There are more special exhibition areas on site:


Ten famous flowers exhibition area

China-Dutch New Varieties Display Zone

Dutch Guest of Honor Pavilion


See you there for more surprises!

Located in the new first-tier city of Kunming, with high potential for flower consumption   

Located in the southwest flower distribution city, radiating southwest and northwest emerging markets   

Deeply cultivated in the flower industry for more than 10 years with rich domestic and international business resources   

Precise matching of industry partners 

Insight into the development trend of the flower industry and new varieties of flowers

Open up new supplier resources and new business ideas

Realize cross-field resource integration

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